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     6-member ring

     Benzene derivatives

     Pyridine derivatives


     (Iso) quinoline



      Hangzhou Milestone Pharmtech Co., Ltd.is a dynamic company devoting in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of biochemicals and organic chemicals. We provide our finest products to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, universities and research institutions, R&D labs in various industries, as well as government agencies.
      Our company is built strongly on two segments: Catalog-based Fine Chemicals and Customized Synthesis. The former serves the research-community with chemicals/biochemicals and reagents of a wide range. The latter offers customer-specified chemicals/biochemicals scaled from milligrams to kilograms.
      Milestone Pharmtech has a globally integrated supply chain and a fast-expanding network both in the US and worldwide. We guarantee on-time delivery and proudly serve our customers with products of the highest quality at unbeatable price.
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